Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My First Virtual Race!

I completed Oh Baby! Race hosted by Fit 4 Life.

It's simple:
  • Sign up for the race online and print your bib.
  • Pick at date/time/location and distance for your run
  • Do the race and track your time
  • Enter your data online to complete! 

It's great for those that have really busy schedules. Those who want to set personal goals and have an incentive to do it- especially between races. Also, if you are part of a group- you can get people to run together as a small-scale race.

I ran a 5K on my own stomping grounds where I run trails every Sunday. Here is the medal and an adorable onsie they sent for my little running buddy when she comes!

A group called Mom's Run This Town (find a group in your area!) that I am a part of throws two virtual races a year, summer and winter. I am definitely looking forward to running more virtual races!

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