Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Little Running Buddy!

Lets go back to my first race- a 10k back in June. Little did I know that was baby's first race too! I was unknowingly at the time about 6 weeks pregnant. We had been not trying, but nor preventing and I thought if I DID get pregnant it would have been the few months before the race- not that month of! My husband had been not home much for that entire month because due to work and as ultrasounds confirm, I had ovulated at a strange time of the month. Low and behold, the best surprise a mom could ask for!

My doctor assured that my running was still safe as long as I kept hydrated and cool and I have been running since. All of my ultrasounds and blood work has come back more then satisfactory. We are so blessed <3

At around 16 weeks I could 'feel' my tummy and purchased a support belt- that fixed that problem. And around 20 weeks I started to slow down a little bit, I assume from extra blood volume, but I am still just so enthused that I can run and still feel so great doing it!

Cant wait to meet my little running buddy!

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